Frosty Dean Village. #Photography #Jewellery #Exhibition .@DazzleJewellery .@LynnHenni

Post by Paul and Lynn Henni

‘Edinburgh – Our City’ – Photographic Prints & Etchings at Dazzle@Dovecot 2016 Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition

This is one of a series of posts showing the image selections for our exhibition,  ‘Edinburgh – Our City’,  which includes a wide range of etchings and prints showing our take on our home city, Edinburgh.

Frosty Dean Village. Photo by and copyright of Paul Henni.
Frosty Dean Village. Photo by and copyright of Paul Henni.

More details on the Exhibition, Dazzle and Dovecote Studios.


Author: knicksen brings together Lynn Henni who has studied photography and film-making and Paul Henni who has a background as a freelance designer and sculptor. Their interest in urban imagery combined with a lifetime of living in and exploring their home city of Edinburgh brings a unique perspective to this beautiful and multi-faceted place. Sometimes gritty, often unexpected, their images present an insider’s perspective on the city.

2 thoughts on “Frosty Dean Village. #Photography #Jewellery #Exhibition .@DazzleJewellery .@LynnHenni”

  1. I love this! It reminds me of a detailed graphite drawing. I visited Edenburgh once and fell in love with it…….the history is etched into the sandstone in such a beautiful way. ( I think it’s sandstone……..)

    1. Hi Donna – Just spotted your kind comment, I missed it at the time of the exhibition. Thanks very much. Yes, I think it is sandstone – Paul

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