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Post by Paul Henni.

As we head towards winter, here’s a moody shot, with a good old Edinburgh haar lending itself to the atmosphere. Someone on their way home I think. Or to the pub.

Trudging Home in the Edinburgh haar. Photo by and copyright of Paul Henni.
Trudging Home. Photo by and copyright of Paul Henni.

Author: knicksen

henni.photo brings together Lynn Henni who has studied photography and film-making and Paul Henni who has a background as a freelance designer and sculptor. Their interest in urban imagery combined with a lifetime of living in and exploring their home city of Edinburgh brings a unique perspective to this beautiful and multi-faceted place. Sometimes gritty, often unexpected, their images present an insider’s perspective on the city.

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  1. One of the many great joys of Edinburgh is that can one can trundle to wherever through scenes like this in the very heart of the city.
    A very evocative shot; I can feel that damp Edinburgh night air around me as I write…and I’m in Canada.

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