Skybird. .@RoyalObs #Edinburgh #Monochrome #Photography #Cloud

There were clouds shaped like a bird in the sky, so, after much deliberation, here’s ‘Skybird.’. This is yet another one I’ve taken featuring the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, it just keeps getting in my shots.

Clouds must be some sort of psychological test for humans to test what strange things we can think we see. There’ll be a specialist website (no, not that kind) somewhere on the decoding of the hidden messages in clouds.


Author: knicksen brings together Lynn Henni who has studied photography and film-making and Paul Henni who has a background as a freelance designer and sculptor. Their interest in urban imagery combined with a lifetime of living in and exploring their home city of Edinburgh brings a unique perspective to this beautiful and multi-faceted place. Sometimes gritty, often unexpected, their images present an insider’s perspective on the city.

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